Computer Accounts

Accounts are created for students enrolled with the University of Wyoming that they can use while attending the university. There are three accounts that students may utilize:


Domain Account

  • This is a Windows account. This is what you log into when you press CTRL-ALT-DEL in the labs
  • This account allows students to log on to the University of Wyoming UWStudent Computer Lab System
  • Students are given a 2 GB quota of space for use with the UWStudent Lab System. This space is commonly referred to as "the H:\" (the "H" drive).
  • Students are also given 24 MB of space for their roaming profiles. Roaming profiles allow students to make changes to the desktop and see those changes no matter which lab they are using because that information is saved in the profile. This allows students to personalize their accounts. Click here to see a more detailed explanation of UW Student Profile Quotas
  • This also gives you access to create a web site on the web server.

Web Account

  • This is an account on the UW Student Web Server.
  • Students are given a 300 MB quota for their web space.
  • Please see the information at to create a web site and for more details.

Email Account

  • This is an account through Office 365.
  • Students are given 50 GB for mailbox storage. And 1TB of OneDrive Storage.
  • Individual messages sent or received are limited to 25MB.



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