ASU Services for Faculty & Staff

The Academic Support Unit also works with faculty and staff to provide services that enhance the academic environment. The following are the services that we provide for U.W. faculty and staff:


  • Faculty and staff have the same access to printing as students, though they do not receive a default allotment for printing.  For more information on printing, click here.

  • Faculty and staff may add print quota for printing in the Student Computer Labs by going to the pay station in the ITC at the Front Desk. Payment is accepted by cash, check or IDT.

Class Presentations

  • University Studies

    The Academic Support Unit makes itself available each semester to provide training to University Studies Courses. Instructors can schedule to have a representative from ASU talk about the lab system, student accounts, or other aspects of academic computing. If an instructor would like to schedule a representative to assist, we ask that the instructor contact us as soon as possible so that we can make sure everything is ready in advance. If instructors would rather teach the section themselves they can contact ASU for instructions and ideas.

  • Other Classes

    If an instructor will be using the UWStudent Lab System in their class, we can provide assistance. A representative can attend classes to help with creating accounts and provide basic training. We can also provide instructions and support for other classes throughout the of page

Software Submittal

  • There are a number of computer classrooms and computer aided lecture classrooms located throughout the UW campus. Many departments and Student Computer Fee Committees who are in charge of these rooms have contracted with Information Technology's Academic Support Unit (ASU) to provide the UWStudent Lab System, hardware and specialized software maintenance. At this time there are over 50 software packages on the student lab system. Over 200 lab specific software applications have also been installed in specific labs for more specialized use. If you would like to see what software is currently installed and its location, review the Computer Lab Software Web page.

  • In an effort to provide the most up-to-date, clean, consistent, and secure environment, ASU in conjunction with our System's PC Team, updates and rebuilds some 1700 lab nodes with the current operating system and base software twice a year. To provide instructors and students access to instructional courseware, an amount of time must be set aside for development, evaluation, and rebuilds.  ASU requests that software which will be needed on lab nodes across campus be submitted by the following dates:

    For Fall 2017 – June 7, 2017

    For Spring / Summer 2017 – October 26, 2016

  • This will allow sufficient time to test the software and verify that it will integrate into the lab environment.

  • If you are involved with classes that use computers on the lab system or have ordered any textbooks with CD's in them and need the software available for coursework, it is very important that you submit a request for software evaluation to the Academic Support Unit for testing and development before it is needed in class. The request must include the software's installation media (CDs, disks, etc.), documentation, and licensing information, as IT must strictly comply with all licensing requirements.

  • Once software has been submitted, it will require approximately 30 days to evaluate for compatibility with the lab system. The evaluation period will be used to determine if the software can be run from the UWStudent server, installed only in selected labs because of licensing constraints, or developed for installation on the student's H: storage area. If the software adequately functions in the lab environment and meets other requirements then an estimated installation date will be set. At this point, the Academic Support Unit will consult with the responsible parties to work on an install procedure that will work best to meet their needs. If you are unsure of which specific rooms and labs may affect you, please review the Computer Labs Web page.

    If you have questions or software to be evaluated, call or email:

  • Campus Wide Software

    • If an instructor is teaching a class that uses software that is not part of our standard software packages, the instructor can email a request to ASU asking that the software be added to the lab system.  The instructor will then be asked to submit the software, manuals, and a licensing agreement to ASU for evaluation.

    • The request should include: media, documentation, license keys, and other information as necessary.

    • Once ASU receives the request, we will work with Telecommunications & System Support Services (TSS) to evaluate the media.

    • The evaluation will be done within 30 days of receipt.

    • During the evaluation, TSS will determine if the media is compatible with our lab system and network environment.

    • If the media meets requirements an estimated install date will be provided.

    • Depending on the complexity of the product it may be installed immediately, installed in select labs, or it may have to wait for a major lab rebuild.

    • Major lab rebuilds only occur in August and January due to the time needed to complete the process.

    • For Software to be added during a major lab rebuild

    • If instructors want a product included in a major lab rebuild then they must have the software request to the Academic Support Unit by these deadlines:

  • Lab Specific Software

    • If an instructor needs a software product to be loaded in a specific lab, or several labs, but not on the entire lab system they will need to contact the Academic Support Unit.

    • When requesting the software be added, instructors will need to include the media, licensing agreement, license keys if needed, and documentation.

    • Upon receipt of the software and accompanying documentation, the Academic Support Unit will evaluate the product to determine if it will work on the UWStudent Lab system.

    • The Academic Support Unit requests 30 days to evaluate the software. After the software has been evaluated, an estimated install date will be provided.

    • Software developed by the Academic Support Unit is at a charge of $15 per of page

Optical Mark Reader

The Optical Mark Reader is a device that "reads" pencil marks on NCS compatible scan forms such as survey or test answer forms; in other words, the machine checks multiple choice computer forms. The Academic Support Unit has two Optical Mark Reader stations located in the Information Technology Center. Click here to see instructions on using these stations. ASU Lab Assistants are able to provide limited support to troubleshoot problems faculty and staff may experience, however more complex problems will be escalated to ASU office of page




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