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The Academic Support Unit (ASU) has been contracted by various departments and the Central Student Fee Committee to set up, and maintain the Academic Student Computer Labs equipped with the UWStudent Lab System. We also provide support for students. The following is what we offer to students using the UWStudent Computer Lab System:

Lab Assistants

  • We have several labs that are staffed by Lab Assistants. Their job is to monitor the lab, help provide an environment that promotes academic work, and to provide assistance to students who have questions concerning the use of lab equipment or are having problems with their computer accounts.

  • We provide many resources to our Lab Assistants so that they will be better able to assist students. However, there is a limit to how much help they can provide. If Lab Assistants are unable to solve your problem or assist you, they will refer you to the ASU office staff located in the Information Technology Center (ITC).


  • When student accounts are created, an email account is created on Office 365 that has 50GB of storage.
  • The size of an individual email message is limited to 35 MB.
  • Your email address is <your username>
  • You can access your email through:


  • Each semester all enrolled students who have domain accounts are provided a $7.50 print credit. Faculty and staff do not receive a printing allotment, but can purchase print credit in the Information Technology Center as described below.
  • The $7.50 credit is provided to enrolled students starting the Friday before the start of classes for each semester. 

  • For the Fall 2017 semester the increases will be processed on the following dates:
    • Friday 8/25
    • Wednesday 8/30
    • Friday 9/1
    • Wednesday 9/6
    • Friday 9/15


  • For the Spring 2018 semester the increases will be processed on the following dates:
    • Friday 1/19
    • Monday 1/22
    • Friday 1/26
    • Wednesday 1/31
    • Friday 2/2

For the summer session the enrollment status is generally evaluated every two weeks, and quotas are given to newly enrolled students.

  • If the student does not use the entire $7.50 during that semester, any amount remaining will be rolled over to the next semester and added on to the quota.
  • The $7.50 received each semester for printing is not actually money that is deposited into any account.  It is the monetary representation of 150 free black and white pages provided to enrolled students each semester.  Since money is not deposited, no refunds are provided, and the credit cannot be transferred from one student account to another.
  • If the student uses the entire amount and needs to continue to print, the student is able to pay for additional print quota though the Print Quota Increase utility or go to the pay station located in the Information Technology Center computer lab.

The prices for printing are:

  • Black & White laser printing: $.05 per page for single sided prints

  • When using duplex printing to print on both sides of the page, additional pages are charged at a reduced rate, which averages 7 cents per page.  It is important to note that the utility used to monitor and charge printing always rounds duplex prints up to even numbered pages.  This causes a 1 page print to be read as 2 pages, or a 7 page print to be read as 8 pages.   Below is a matrix that shows the cost for duplex print jobs:
  • Duplex Printing Matrix
    # of pgs Charge
    1 $0.07
    2 $0.07
    3 $0.14
    4 $0.14
    5 $0.21
    6 $0.21
    7 $0.28
    8 $0.28
    9 $0.35
    10 $0.35

    • Color laser printing: $.25 per side
    • Transparency printing: $1.25 per sheet
    • Large format printing: $.50 per square foot
  • There is a spool size limit (usually greater than the file size) of 100mb for any single print job.

  • All staffed labs are equipped with a black & white laser printers. Some labs have access to specialized printing.

    • Color printing is located:

      • HS 205

      • BS 37

      • Coe

      • ITC 101

    • Large format (color) printing is located:

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