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About: ATS Policies

University Regulation 8-1

This regulation details appropriate and inappropriate use of computing facilities and equipment at the University of Wyoming.

UW Student Lab Policies

  1. The use of all University of Wyoming hardware, software, or other materials in the UWStudent Lab System will be limited to University of Wyoming students, faulty, and staff. View a listing of all UWStudent labs. Persons attending seminars, conferences, or other official University academic functions will also be allowed to use the facilities provided the Function Coordinator notifies the Academic Support Unit (e-mail asu-it@uwyo.edu or call 766-4357, option 1) at least 30 days in advance. Other individuals requesting use of the UWStudent Lab System must contact the Academic Support Unit.
  2. The use of the lab facilities for activities other than those with a direct academic or University pursuit is prohibited. University course-related work takes precedence over game playing. Persons playing games in the labs may be asked to leave so that students with course work can use the computers.
  3. Certain software packages may be checked out for use within the UWStudent Lab System facilities by presentation of appropriate identification. This includes other software placed in the labs by instructors. Software, manuals, and other materials checked out in the computer labs will not be allowed to leave the area.  Persons using software packages in the labs must abide by and acknowledge all copyright agreements. The illicit copying of software, manuals, or other copyrighted material in the computer labs or the use of illegally obtained software will not be tolerated, and the users will be asked to leave the facility.
  4. Certain UWStudent Computing Labs will be staffed during open hours with lab assistants hired by the Division of Information Technology. Lab assistants are charged with the responsibility of providing basic support, and to maintain an atmosphere suitable for academically related work.
  5. Unaccompanied children are prohibited in the labs. If children accompanying their parents are disruptive, the parents will be asked to remove the children from the lab.
  6. Tobacco products, illegal drugs, and radios are prohibited in any computer lab area. Food and drink are allowed when consumed responsibly. MP3 players, music players, compact disc players, and cell phones may be used with earbuds or headphones, and only if the volume is such that adjacent users are not disturbed. HEADPHONES or EARBUDS MUST BE USED WITH ALL AUDIO DEVICES.
  7. There are public phones in most buildings available for student use. Lab assistant phones are for official use only and may not be used for personal calls.  After business hours the public phone is not accesible in Coe, but there is one available in the ITC.
  8. Data disks, zip disks, flash drives or other storage media are not provided by Information Technology. Persons using the computer labs must provide their own external storage media. It is recommended that users practice frequent copying and backing up of files to prevent data loss.
  9. Computers within the lab are open and available for use on a first come, first served basis: however, the Lab Assistant on duty reserves the right to deny use of any or all lab facilities to anyone who violates lab polices. To allow computer use for the maximum number of users and to help prevent security abuses all unattended machines will be logged out, and the person notified by e-mail. Unattended personal items may be collected and moved to the Lost & Found collection point for the building in which the computer lab is located.