Directions on connecting to the remote lab can be found HERE.

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Connections are secured with SSL.  No VPN is required.

Google Chrome: A known issue with Google Chrome not working with the UWStudent Remote Lab System has been addressed with a work-around. Click here for instructions.

Connect to the Remote Lab System

Pool A has all the Standard Software as well as Visio, Project, and Great Plains

Pool B has all the Standard Software as well as Visio, Project, Great Plains, Crystal Ball, Palisade Decision Tools, STATA 11, and Gauss 13, DesignBuilder 3.0

Pool C has all the Standard Software as well as Crystal Ball, Stella, and PCOrd

There is currently a known issue with the latest version of Google Chrome and accessing the remote lab. If you are having problems using Chrome, please try an alternate browser.

Adobe Creative Suite products have been removed from all remote lab nodes because of licensing changes implemented by the vendor. 

Problems: Please email and include the following information:

  • Operating System and Version (Mac, Unix, Windows 7, etc.)
  • Version of your Java Virtual Machine
  • Problem description, please be as specific as possible.



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